Dr Maria Ilia's Journey 

Maria has developed her career as a coach and mentor alongside a successful 20 year career as a scientist and management consultant. She has held senior positions in a variety of Research, Development and Technical roles within both SME and large organisations including London Business School and BBC.

Her work has helped many international professionals and students to gain the skills and knowledge needed to establish successful careers as both leaders and experts in their field away from their home countries.

She is passionate about developing coaching capability to drive performance and change. She believes that the desire of growth and further development is intrinsic to each individual. She therefore creates a coaching and mentoring environment that consistently provides the stimuli that drives growth for both individuals and teams.

Her approach to establishing a coaching culture is practical and pragmatic, always backed by the latest coaching research. She has designed and implemented coaching programmes to improve organisational effectiveness including: line manager and team coaching as well as providing the infrastructure for internal coaching facility. She is also experienced in using coaching as a tool to increase the impact of organisational improvement programmes by creating a questioning and reflective learning environment.

As a personal coach, Maria motivates her clients to find the confidence and self-belief needed to bring about lasting change in their lives. Through positive nurturing she encourages them to uncover and understand their core values and guiding principles, thus allowing clients to make well-informed decisions about their career, their life goals and the path toward achieving them. She caringly supports clients through the transitions that accompany periods of desired or compulsory change, while challenging the limiting beliefs that may be holding them back.

Maria  has a PhD in Neurosciences from University College London. She is also a DISC Practitioner. The deep insight gained from this cognitive assessment tool enables individuals and teams to understand their personal preferences and how these may differ from the preferences of others. This gives them the knowledge and confidence to operate at their best and to nurture more productive relationships.