Personal Growth Opportunities


Maria is the founder of  Realising Your Talent.

‚ÄčThis is a London based hub that provides the know how to get international students and professionals on to their desired jobs via expertly organised events.

Come along and find out how to enhance knowledge and awareness with regards to Choices, Careers, Jobs, Work contexts, CV writing, Presence, Confidence, Selection and Recruitment Processes.

Dr Maria Ilia is a Developmental Neuroscientist, NLP Master Practitioner, Executive Coach and Mentor with over 15 years experience as a leader and management consultant in a number of organisations across the globe including US, UAE, China, Japan and currently based in the UK.
Maria works daily with international professionals who have embarked on the journey of an international career. As a result, Maria understands more than most what it takes for talented professionals  to overcome the uncertainty of settling down in a new country and to succeed in fulfilling their vision for themselves and for their careers.