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We work with 

​Junior, Middle and Senior International Professionals and Students that are looking for support to help them excel in their roles under the pressure of settling down in a new company or country


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Dr. Maria Ilia  



We provide expert advice across diverse sectors and industries to help you Excel in your career Supporting you to  Achieve

& Retain outstanding 

Achievements in your Role

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Are you an international student or professional that has already experienced success and wants to get even better away from your home country? 

Do you want to develop a positive, lasting change in leadership behaviour: for you, your team and your organisation? 

Can we work together to meet the challenge of implementing this transformation?

​​​We work towards realising "What matters for you Now & Where You want to Be"
Assisting you with all aspects of your career move & progression

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Committed to your Personal Growth 

Dr Maria Ilia is an NLP Master Practitioner, Executive Coach and Mentor. She has a PhD in Neurosciences with a focused interest in behavioural dynamics. She has done her business studies at London Business School ranking as one of the top business schools globally. With over 15 years experience as a leader and management consultant in a number of organisations across the globe including US, UAE, China, Japan and currently based in the UK.

Maria works daily with international professionals and students who have embarked on the journey of an international career. As a result, Maria understands more than most what it takes for talented professionals and students to overcome the uncertainty of settling down in a new country and to succeed in fulfilling their vision for themselves and for their careers away from their home countries. Read More

Three Questions For You 

Whatever stage you are in your leadership role 

Every leader has a unique leadership behavioural style. We work with your unique style to support you to consistently lead yourself with confidence commitment and passion so that you can maximise the success in your role.

We understand that leadership is personal, so we focus on you not just as a leader but you as a person, your professional and personal growth. We value your welfare deeply and aim to support you address challenges in your own life and meet your own needs. For it is only when your own needs have been met are you able to meet the needs of others.


"I stepped back & reflected on my KPIs. Learning to prioritise my 
time and how to deal with difficult situations & people. As a result I feel more 'in control' & confident
J. Hu, Director Clinical Trials, Covance

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